LamieraPiù was founded in 2005 with the self-awareness of the six founding members regarding their skills acquired in nearly thirty years of work experience and from the desire to create a modern and dynamic company, developing above all in their own geographical area and consolidating the cooperation with their existing customers. The manufacturing plant covers an area of 18,000 square meters, of which more than 6,500 square meters is under cover and equipped with advanced machinery to carry out laser cutting services for sheet metal and tubes, bending and metalworking. Other mechanical and surface treatments are carried out by a network of qualified suppliers.

The company is able to develop, analyze and produce custom-made metal products from sheet metal and steel tubes, ensuring a high quality and flexible production for both samples and production lots for small/medium industries.

The production department has a bending section which has four hydraulic bending presses (length - 3 and 4 meters) and a hydraulic bending machine with 4 rollers. In order to offer a complete service to customers, the Company also has a small/medium metalworking department, which carries out certified welding, threading, riveting and chamfering services.

In 2011 LamieraPiù acquired ISO9001 certification and since 2015 changes in regulations and mandatory requirements for producing structural products made it necessary to obtain certification EN 1090 (Certificate of Factory Production Control Compliance) with the highest degree of execution class (EXC4).